Exploration Management

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We match highly trained and experienced personnel to your project deliverables and campaign budget requirements.

Our team is fully supported by our BackOffice logistics to hit the ground running.

Design, budget, and manage exploration programs
Reconnaissance and information gathering
Design and implement safety and environmental protocols
Sample and data management
Contractor management

Geological Services

Pick and Choose Your Fieldcrew

FieldCrew is your fexible, economical alternative to direct employment. Continuous emphasis on safety and innovation is at the heart of our ‘smart, simple, safe’ service delivery.

We work hard to place the right people on the ground with the right client. We start by handpicking crew members based on their qualifications experience and enthusiasm.

Our technical manager and BackOffice team, based in Brisbane, provide ongoing support and take care of remuneration, insurances, gear and overheads. We ensure our Crew exceeds your requirements

When you need us, FieldCrew will be in the field promptly, ready to deliver accurate work with resourceful problem-solving. We can scale up or down – our network allows us to field the full range of experienced geological professionals and earth workers for task-matched exploration and field services.

David Drakeley has been massive asset to the Adani Carmichael project, with his attention to detail with system and safety compliance is unrivalled. Managing multiple packages from top to bottom. Aligning programs to meet project completion dates with little to no hassles, while maintaining incredible communications at all times with management and site teams.

David’s adaptability to any scenario makes his an A class resource for any project and would endorse his ability to accomplish any project with his tenacious can do attitude.”

Brent Ogilvie
Adani Mechanical Superintendent

Contract Safety Services

Safe Solutions

Our Safety team, headed by an experienced Exploration SSE, have built our reputation of keeping our people safe.

FieldCrew can fill any gaps in your field training regime and bring innovative ideas and proven techniques for taking your health and safety training and management to the next level.

We can also custom design training programmes.

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