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Straight-forward Smart Solutions

FieldCrew can scale to your needs. We provide full exploration management on some projects and on-demand contracting services for others. We design, oversee and manage coal and mineral exploration campaigns, hydrogeological studies and geotechnical investigations.

With a rock-solid reputation for excellent technical and logistical skills, FieldCrew’s people are professional, resourceful, reliable and enthusiastic. Key skills such as critical thinking, adaptability, and complex problem solving set our people apart – and give you the edge to bring in your project on time and within budget.


FieldCrew offers the quality and capabilities you’d expect from a large business, but with the level of personal attention provided by an agile, smaller firm.

This combination of experience and flexibility, with simple, no-nonsense solutions, has clients Australia-wide seeking our services. FieldCrew delivers valuable outcomes on short lead-times, for companies of all sizes.

Rapid Deployment

FieldCrew works with a range of clients. We are particularly active in the Australian coal sector, working with industry majors and developing juniors.

Our reliable professionals can be on site quickly. We’re ready to fit seamlessly with your team and produce work straight-away, with all necessary pre-qualifications already on our resumes.

FieldCrew will assess your needs, assign qualified crew members, help you onboard them and ensure they deliver results.


FieldCrew is efficiently designed with limited overheads. Every job is tailored to your specific requirements, timeframe and budget.

David has provided excellent services as an exploration manager utilising his background as a geologist and implementing his knowledge as a SSE.

He is extremely dedicated and thorough to deliver a quality product or outcome even when called upon to work outside the agreed scope of work.

David has a clear understanding of what is required to plan and implement a drilling program for basic exploration or more complex water bore construction. He works closely and effectively with a variety of people to achieve the best possible outcomes.”

David Green
Director Geology

The Engine Room

With more than 15 years’ mining and government experience, FieldCrew founder David Drakeley is a dynamic and innovative management and safety professional.

David launched FieldCrew to fill an identified niche in the mining sector for quality, on demand exploration and field services. FieldCrew delivers complete project management through to consulting services and training, and contract labour hire. FieldCrew’s resourceful solutions help clients large and small to achieve cost savings and better manage risk.

David has developed a reputation as a strategic thinker and communicator. He brings a particular talent for project planning and execution that is accurately attuned to solve technical challenges. With David’s involvement, expect your project outcomes to result in higher than expected value for investment.

Involving David in the planning, execution and/or management of your project sets you up to achieve strategic business goals. He is an extremely valuable resource to include on –or lead – any project team.

I have relied on FieldCrew’s David Drakeley time and time again. David is methodical, yet innovative and passionate, and draws upon his experience in exploration, project development, mining and safety to provide customised solutions in collaboration with key stakeholders.

He will always look for improvement opportunities and is not afraid to challenge the norm for the betterment of the project.“

Danique Gerber
Senior Coal Geologist

Our Safety and Culture Commitment.

FieldCrew is committed to providing quality, safe services that not only enhance our reputation but build your company’s success.

We measure and monitor our performance regularly to ensure that we continually improve the efficiency of our business processes and amplify our service delivery.

We believe that the development of a culture where everyone goes home safely is achievable with the right practices, environment, people and leadership.

We invest in building trust and prioritising our Crew’s safety and well being in all business decisions. We involve our Crew in safety decisions and encourage learning when things don’t go to plan.

We focus on driving accountability and personal responsibility for safety behaviour and results. We work hard to help our Crew understand the ‘why’ behind making safe choices.

We would like everyone to share our passion for geology and exploration - that’s why we encourage continuous professional development.

We provide new team members the opportunity to be mentored by senior staff.

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